Do you experience allergy-like symptoms while inside your house? If you feel better when you step outside, you likely have poor indoor air quality. Purifying your indoor air supply is critical to enjoying clean air around the clock. Here are five benefits of installing an iWave-R Air Purifier in your Chalmette, LA, home:

What’s the iWave-R Air Purifier?

The iWave-R Air Purifier works to treat the air in residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems with ducts. As the air in your HVAC system and home circulates past the iWave-R, the device uses positive and negative ions to clean it. As a result, it reduces the presence of certain bacteria and viruses in the coil and your house.

Self-Cleaning Design

If you worry about adding another appliance to your home that will need constant maintenance, don’t fret. The iWave-R features a self-cleaning mechanism that ensures the device operates at peak performance all the time. The programmable cleaning cycle ensures the emitter brush gets cleaned every one, three, five or 10 days.

Reduces Odors and Other Airborne Particles

As noted, the iWave-R reduces certain bacteria and viruses. What’s more, it can reduce unpleasant odors, static electricity, smoke and other particles that trigger allergy symptoms. It also decreases asthma triggers.

Enjoy Healthier Indoor Air Quality

Did you know your home can contain 100 times more particle pollutants than the air outside? That’s why the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency deems poor indoor air quality a severe threat to public health. With an iWave-R Air Purifier, you’ll improve your indoor air quality and minimize the risk of contaminated air impacting your wellbeing.

Don’t eat, rest and sleep surrounded by filthy indoor air. To learn more about the iWave-R or our other indoor air solutions, contact Siener Air. We offer a range of highly effective air-cleaning technologies that will improve your quality of life at home.

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