If you’re having trouble with your furnace in Mandeville, LA, the blower motor is a good place to start troubleshooting. The blower motor moves heated air from the furnace to the vents. Here are five signs that your furnace blower motor in Mandeville, LA, is about to fail and requires replacing immediately:

Your Vents Have No Airflow

If you’re worried that the blower motor is failing in your furnace, check the airflow. A well-functioning blower motor should push air through the vents with plenty of pressure. If there’s low or no air flowing through the vents, there’s a good chance that your blower motor needs replacing.

You Smell Electrical Odors

If you smell an electrical odor coming from your furnace, it’s time to schedule an inspection. If the connections have worn-out, your blower motor may emit an electrical odor. Electrical issues are a sure sign that your blower motor needs replacing.

Your Blower Motor Overheats

If your furnace is working too hard, it’s time for a service inspection. Check for an overheating blower motor; dirt buildup on the furnace can make the blower motor overheat. Some signs of overheating include burning odors and short-cycling.

You’re Hearing Strange Noises

Strange noises are another sign that your furnace needs immediate attention. Rattling and knocking sounds are signs that the blower motor needs replacing right away. That’s especially true if the rattling and knocking happen when you turn on the heat.

Your Energy Costs Are Escalating

Escalating heating bills are often a sign that the blower motor is working too hard to push air through the vents. Replacing the faulty blower motor helps make your furnace more efficient and gets your energy costs back under control.

If you’re dealing with any of the signs listed above, call us at Siener Air. It may be time to replace your furnace blower motor. Our qualified technicians are here to handle all your heating and cooling system repairs and maintenance needs.

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