Now that fall has arrived in Covington, LA, you shouldn’t turn on your furnace immediately once the temperature drops outdoors. Because a furnace rests throughout the spring and summer, it’ll need maintenance and adjustments before you power it up. This guide breaks down the steps you must take during this process.

Check the Filter

Dust and debris can build up inside your furnace, so check the filter in the fall. If the filter is dirty or clogged, replace it. If you replace the filter on a regular basis, the furnace will heat your spaces faster throughout the fall and winter.

Clean the Burners

Dust can cover the furnace’s burners. If you activate your furnace while the burners are dusty, a foul scent will linger in the air following every heating cycle.

To preserve your indoor air quality, carefully remove all dust from the burners. If you discover a rusty burner or misaligned parts during the cleaning process, a professional HVAC maintenance technician can help.

Inspect and Oil the Blower Motor

The furnace’s blower motor will need a new coat of oil annually so that its components will function smoothly during heating cycles. The technician you hire will remove the blower motor’s gravity or access panel, locate its oil ports, remove their plastic caps, pour a few drops of oil into each port, then reassemble the unit. When the blower motor requires another coat of oil, its hardware may make high-pitched sounds.

Examine the Vents

If you recently renovated your house, walk around it and check the furniture arrangements. To ensure proper airflow, move all objects that block the heating vents. Never place furniture that has delicate upholstery close to the vents because the heat could ignite a fire.

There are other areas that a trained HVAC technician should check before fall. If you need a technician to prepare your furnace for cold weather, call Siener Air today. We have three maintenance tiers for furnaces.

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