Heat pumps in Madisonville, LA, can last for 15 to 20 years, but they can’t do it alone. Consider these four tips to increase your heat pump’s efficiency and minimize wear and tear.

Replace the Air Filter

It all starts with replacing the air filter in the return vent, a simple task that every homeowner can and should complete. Change it at least every 90 days so that the dirt and dust that it gathers doesn’t obstruct airflow and put pressure on the system.

Clean the Compressor

The compressor outside can clog with dust, dirt, leaves, insects and even dryer lint. This creates unwanted heat in the system, and that’s not good for mechanical components.

Clean the compressor on a regular basis. You’ll need a water hose for the exterior and a brush and comb for the condenser coil and coil fins.

Add Insulation

The more insulation your home has, the longer the cool or warm air stays inside. This means the heat pump won’t need to cycle so often to maintain indoor comfort, reducing wear and energy bills.

A service technician may better advise you on those areas that need insulation. You could also consider getting the windows sealed or upgraded.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

There’s only so much that an individual homeowner can do. A professional will need to provide annual or biannual maintenance, which will reveal all the issues your heat pump is facing. The service technician will also perform minor adjustments that can have a positive impact on heat pump performance.

At Siener Air, we can provide you with an expert repair if the time has come for that, so call us today to schedule an appointment in Madisonville. Our family-run company offers low rates for the detailed work our team of factory-trained service technicians performs.

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