Heat pumps are popular in Gretna, LA. That’s because a heat pump offers a high level of efficiency. To enjoy the benefits of this energy-efficient system, you must use the right thermostat and maintain it.

Use the Right Thermostat

Heat pumps work harder if the thermostats aren’t correctly calibrated. You should consult an HVAC installation expert to check the compatibility of a thermostat with your system before buying it.

Also, allow the service technician to set up the thermostat for you. They will know the best placement and correct steps for installing it.

Clean the Coils and Fins

On the outside of your condensing unit, you’ll see coils and fins that you should keep clean. People who live in coastal cities need extra care for their coils because of the salt in the air.

You need to clean the coils and fins twice a year. The best times to schedule your cleaning are spring and autumn.

A dirty heat pump decreases the efficiency of your system and reduces its lifespan. Make sure that you also maintain at least 24 inches of space around the system, including on top of it. You don’t even want tall grass or plants too close to the condensing unit because they restrict the system’s airflow, resulting in lower efficiency and increased wear and tear.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

If you schedule professional maintenance for your heat pump, we handle cleaning the system for you. We don’t just clean the coils but the internal components too. Although you could clean the outside of your condensing unit, the inside requires a certified service technician.

Regular maintenance of your heat pump helps reduce repairs and extends the lifespan of your equipment. With bi-annual maintenance, your heat pump could last 10–15 years.

Keeping your heat pump running efficiently and getting the most use out of it comes down to properly maintaining it. You don’t have to do much besides schedule maintenance for it twice a year and change the air filter as needed. Contact Siener Air to learn more about our heat pump maintenance plans.

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