Is the HVAC system in your New Orleans, Louisiana, home struggling to keep up with the needs of your household? If so, you may notice a few warning signs. Keep an eye out for potential HVAC efficiency issues and know what to do if any of these problems impact your system:

Outdated HVAC System

As an HVAC system nears the end of its lifespan, its efficiency will decline. Units that are more than a decade old aren’t nearly as efficient as the newer models available today. Therefore, you should start saving to upgrade your HVAC system as soon as possible.

The Department of Energy recently raised the minimum energy-efficiency standard for residential gas furnaces to 78 percent. If you had your heating system installed before that mandate went into effect, you could have an inefficient unit that’s costing you a lot each month in energy waste. The best thing you can do is upgrade to a newer, more efficient system. A service technician can properly size the unit and install it.

Lack of Ventilation or Airflow

If your HVAC system isn’t producing or moving air freely, you’ll notice a stale and uncomfortable indoor atmosphere. A lack of ventilation or airflow is a clear sign that something is wrong within your system, which could be caused by the efficiency level.

Contact a service technician if you experience an issue with airflow. If poor efficiency is to blame, replace the filter and schedule a tune-up.

Constantly Cycling System

If your HVAC system is continually cycling, it likely isn’t running efficiently. An improperly sized unit may be to blame.

A smaller unit has to run more often to maintain the temperature you’ve set for your home. However, if the size is correct and your unit is still running too often, a technician may recommend getting a replacement.

Don’t let HVAC efficiency concerns cause you to pay more to heat and cool your home. Contact Siener Air today at 504-224-8839 to schedule your next maintenance service.

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