Summer is on its way. It’s making everyone in Chalmette, Louisiana, prepare their home and yard for the coming season. Now’s also the time to get your air conditioner ready for those long, hot days in the bayou. Maintaining your AC system now will help you avoid malfunctions and days without air conditioning this summer.

Clean the Vents

While it’s spring-cleaning time, take a moment to clean the vents in your home. It’s easy to overlook these areas, especially if they’re tucked away behind a couch or installed high on the walls. Over time, the vents trap hair, dust and other debris. Cleaning them will improve the airflow and take the strain off your air conditioner.

Replace the Filter

Another easy thing you can do at home to improve your AC system’s capacity is to replace the old filter with a new one. Filters trap airborne particles and keep them from recirculating throughout your home. As the particles become trapped in the filter, they block the air and put a strain on your AC system, much like the dust and debris in the vents. Replacing the filter every one to three months will prevent clogs and improve your air conditioner’s performance.

Insulate the Ductwork

The ductwork is responsible for delivering cool air to every room in your home. Though some ductwork has insulation, others do not. If it’s exposed, it could be prone to air leaks. These leaks not only reduce the cooling and make your system run longer but also increase your power bill. Insulating the ductwork will prevent the leaks and help your AC system operate better as the temperatures rise.

Cleaning the vents, replacing the filter and insulating the ductwork are just a few ways to help your AC system cool more efficiently this summer. If your system needs a tuneup or general maintenance, Siener Air can help. Contact us today to schedule your next AC maintenance service.

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