Are you one of the lucky homeowners in Covington, LA, to have a heat pump? This all-in-one heating and cooling solution is popular because it heats more efficiently and is safer to operate than furnaces. It also offers cooling capabilities like air conditioners. But like all mechanical devices, heat pumps occasionally experience problems, especially if you last scheduled maintenance a while ago. Here are some possible signs you need a heat pump repair:

Cycles On and Off Frequently

Under ideal conditions, a heat pump should cycle three or four times per hour for 10 to 15-minute cycles. If your heat pump cycles more often for longer, there’s an underlying problem that requires investigating. As always, check the thermostat and filter first. Ensure you’ve set the thermostat correctly and that the filter is clean.

Makes Strange and Loud Noises

A low hum is a normal sound you’ll hear as your heat pump operates. But if you hear grinding or squealing noises, it likely means the motor bearings have gone bad. Rattling might mean something has loosened and needs tightening. If you hear banging noises, turn the heat pump off immediately and schedule a repair. Don’t risk further system damage.

Not Heating or Cooling Properly

Since heat pumps offer heating and cooling capabilities, you might receive cool air when you want it hot and vice versa. In most cases, the reversing valve isn’t in the right position or your heat pump is in defrost mode. If you continue experiencing uneven heating or cooling, schedule a heat pump repair to find and fix the issue.

Heat Pump Repair Service

Heat pumps are durable HVAC systems that can withstand the harshest conditions. Even so, they require biannual maintenance and occasional repairs. Contact Siener Air to schedule your heat pump repair or maintenance service. Our technicians will be happy to inspect your system and recommend ways to use it more efficiently.

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