Your pets are an important part of your family’s daily life in New Orleans, LA. As such, you probably consider them as furry or feathered family members. However, there are several ways in which your pets can have an impact on your home’s indoor air quality.

The Impact of Pet Dander

Pet dander has a serious impact on your indoor air quality because of its size. Since dander is both small and light, it’s possible for it to hover in the air in your home for hours. When the size of pet dander combines with its jagged shape, which helps it to attach to fabric on furniture and clothing, there’s no denying that it can diminish indoor air quality.

Not All Pets are the Same

While allergies may vary from one household member to the next, some pets are more allergenic than others. Reptiles and fish have no impact on allergies, but any creature with fur or feathers can trigger allergy symptoms.

Generally speaking, cats and dogs affect indoor air quality the most, with cats having a larger impact. Pet birds and rodents also produce and shed dander.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Our team of technicians are indoor air quality experts and can help you decide which products are the right choice for your home. Air purifiers, ventilators and box filters can all help ensure that your pets don’t impact your human family members with regard to air quality. Let us help you decide which indoor air quality tools your home needs.

While pets can certainly have a negative impact on your indoor air quality, we can minimize that impact so that you and your animal companions can live a happy, healthy life in your home. Call Siener Air today to find out about our IAQ products and HVAC services.

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