If certain rooms feel warmer than others after you cool your home in Gretna, LA, you may have something wrong with the air conditioner. Other times, a component connected to the AC system may be faulty. Read on to discover the most common reasons for uneven cooling and what to do about it.

Dirty or Leaking Duct

Your cool air travels through ductwork, but it may never arrive at a given room depending on the condition of the duct leading into it. Dirt and debris can prevent circulation, and cracks and holes can let the air out.

These are frustrating issues, and you can’t really do anything about them on your own. A professional will need to clean the ducts — something that homeowners should request every three to five years — or repair and seal them.

Clogged Air Filter

A clogged filter will reduce airflow and make it harder for the AC system to deliver cool air, especially to the rooms farthest from it. You can easily replace this component, found in your return vent. In fact, you should be doing it every 60 to 90 days.

Another possibility is that you’re blocking one or more of the supply vents with a rug or a piece of furniture. You’ll need to rethink the layout of these rooms because any obstruction to airflow will not only cause uneven cooling but also put wear on the AC motor.

Undersized AC Unit

The worst-case scenario is that whoever handled your AC installation installed a system with a cooling capacity doesn’t match your home’s size. A small AC system will particularly struggle to cool the farthest rooms.

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Siener Air can be your source for yearly AC maintenance as well as the occasional repair, so call us today for service in Gretna. If your AC system is too small for your home, our team will help you select an energy-efficient replacement. Our highly trained service technicians will never cut corners with the work they do for you.

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