If you live in New Orleans, LA, it’s important to know the signs your heat pump compressor may fail shortly. This failure can lead to an expensive repair or replacement of the system, so being vigilant and catching problems early is key. Here are four signs of a faulty heat pump compressor:

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can suffer when a heat pump compressor fails, as the system cannot circulate and filter the air properly. If you start to notice a build-up of dust, dirt and other particles in your home, get an expert to check your heat pump’s compressor.

Unusual Noises

A failing heat pump compressor may make unusual and loud noises when running. This could indicate loose or broken components inside the system, causing the noise. Grinding, rattling and whistling sounds can indicate a malfunctioning heat pump compressor.

Vibrating Outdoor Unit

The heat pump’s outdoor condenser unit should remain relatively still when it’s running. If you notice excessive vibration or movement when the system starts up or during operation, it’s likely a sign of an internal problem like a faulty compressor.

Electrical Problems

Heat pumps require a power connection to their compressor to operate properly. If the power connection is faulty or your system receives too little voltage, it can cause the compressor to fail or not operate. Signs of electrical problems include a blowing circuit breaker, tripped GFCI outlet, flickering lights and a humming sound coming from the system.

A faulty heat pump compressor is a big liability to your home’s efficiency and air quality. Contact us at Siener Air to get professional maintenance and repair services if you notice any of these signs. We have experienced and friendly technicians who can help diagnose and fix any HVAC issues in your home.

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