In the sweltering heat of summer in Chalmette, LA, you need air conditioning. However, like any other household equipment, air conditioner components can develop problems. Here are five signs of a faulty AC sensor:

Unpleasant Odors From the Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner emits a musty or burning smell, it could indicate a faulty AC sensor. Dust or dirt buildup on the sensor could cause this, resulting in poor air quality and potential damage to the system.

Erratic Air Conditioning Operation

Damage or improper installation can dislodge the sensor. This prevents it from correctly tracking the on-off cycles, causing erratic system operation. In such cases, you need to have an HVAC technician check for damaged or loosened wires that could impair the sensor’s functioning and make any necessary air conditioning repairs.

Irregular Cooling Cycles

If your air conditioner starts and stops randomly or delivers uneven cooling, it indicates your AC sensor isn’t working correctly. This can make your air conditioner turn on too early or shut down before the cooling cycle is complete. When this happens, you need to call a professional for AC repair.

Unexplained Spike in Cooling Bills

An AC sensor producing inaccurate readings can cause your air conditioner to run unnecessarily, leading to excessive energy usage. You may notice that your utility bill is suddenly higher than usual.

Unusual Noises From the Air Conditioner

If you hear any strange noises from your cooling system, They’re likely due to a malfunctioning AC sensor. These can include a clicking or buzzing sound indicating that the sensor isn’t sending the correct signals to the system.

Don’t let a faulty AC sensor disrupt your comfort. If you notice any signs of malfunctioning, it’s time to act. Contact our experts at Siener Air for professional AC repair and installation services in Chalmette, LA.

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