Although Chalmette, LA, winters are fairly mild, the area still experiences plenty of chilly nights. An efficient, trustworthy furnace is an essential fixture for any household. To keep your home warm and comfortable through the winter, make sure your furnace is in great working condition. Here are three signs that your furnace may be damaged, worn out or inefficient:

Longer Heating Time

You can’t expect your home to warm up immediately. But if you notice that it’s taking longer than normal for the temperature to rise, something is likely wrong with the heating system. First, check your doors and windows to make sure there aren’t any cracks or leaks letting in cold air. If your house is properly sealed, the heater is probably the culprit.

In many cases, the problem is as simple as a dirty air filter. According to the Department of Energy, changing the air filters in your HVAC unit can reduce the system’s energy consumption by 15 percent, which can have a major impact on its heating efficiency. However, the issue is sometimes more serious, so it’s wise to schedule a maintenance checkup with an HVAC technician.

Increasing Energy Bills

Your heating bill should generally correlate with how frequently you turn on the heater. The bill will rise in the winter as you use more heat, but it shouldn’t skyrocket unexpectedly. If your bill increases month after month even though you’re not changing your energy usage, your heating system may be breaking down.

Strange Noises and Smells

Clanging, grinding or screeching sounds coming from your furnace are never a good sign. Odd noises usually indicate a broken or loose part, and failing to repair the issue soon could lead to more problems with your furnace in the future.

Odd smells can also be a sign of a furnace issue. Dusty or musty smells are often a sign of a dirty air filter, which is an easy fix. Burning smells can be a sign of an electrical problem, so it’s critical that you call a professional right away if you think you smell something burning.

All furnaces need regular tuneups to stay in good working condition. It’s normal for pieces to wear out and become inefficient with age, but keeping up with preventative maintenance will help your home stay warm on the coldest nights. To learn more about furnace maintenance, check out Siener Air’s heating services and contact us today.

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