Your thermostat helps you give specific instructions regarding your temperature preferences to your HVAC system. You may be trying to figure out how to reduce your cooling costs in Covington, LA. Here’s how a thermostat can help you save money without compromising on comfort:

Install Your Thermostat in the Right Place

Your thermostat reads your house’s temperature and signals the AC system to cool your home to your favorite levels. Therefore, if you install it in a place with a different temperature from the rest of the house, it’ll wrongly detect your home’s temperature. Consequently, your air conditioner receives the wrong instructions and you end up with an uncomfortable living space.

For instance, if you install it in the kitchen, it’ll detect higher temperatures than the rest of the house, causing your air conditioner to run longer. For this reason, you’ll notice a spike in energy bills. If you install the device in a place that better reflects the overall temperature of your home, it’ll give accurate instructions to your AC system, prompting it to run only when necessary.

Use the Auto Setting on the Thermostat

The AUTO and ON thermostat settings influence your home’s temperature levels. This is because these settings affect your AC blower fan.

When you use the ON setting on the thermostat, your fan runs even when the system isn’t cooling your space. While there are definitely times when this is useful, it can result in more energy consumption, higher bills and frequent AC repairs. On the other hand, the AUTO setting requires the fan to run only when the air conditioner is cooling your space.

Raise the Temperature When You’re Away

The US Department of Energy notes that raising your thermostat’s temperature when nobody is home for more than 8 hours helps cut your annual energy bill. The reduction can be up to 10%. For instance, if your preferred temperature is 78 degrees, consider setting the device to 87 degrees when you leave the house. You can then return it to your preferred temperature when you get back.

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