As a Covington, LA, homeowner, you might experience stuffy days and nights if your home has restricted airflow. You don’t have to live with stale air, though. You can find simple and effective ways of improving airflow in your home. Check out the following tips for improving your home’s airflow:

Increase Ventilation

Opening your windows and doors can significantly improve airflow. If the weather is humid, using fans can assist in facilitating the free flow of air. You can work with an expert to design ways that increase ventilation in your home.

Examine Ductwork

Ducts are vital in circulating air in your home. A practical tip for improving airflow is to examine your ductwork for clogs, leaks or improper size. Professionals can ensure that you have the correct duct size, and they can fix leaking ductwork to improve airflow.

Place Houseplants Around Your Home

Houseplants, like snake plants and spider plants, are an effective and natural way of improving the air in your home. They help remove indoor air contaminants that can cause allergic reactions. Houseplants can act as natural air filters to solve poor air quality issues in your home.

Change the Air Filters

Dirty and clogged air filters can restrict the flow of air around your home. Fortunately, you can improve it by changing air filters monthly. Consider hiring a professional to examine your vents and air filters for any problems that impede flow or restrict air from escaping.

Eliminate Obstacles

You can increase airflow in your home by removing obstacles like furniture and appliances that obstruct vents and registers. Also, cleaning vents and registers regularly will prevent allergen accumulation that could block the duct system. A professional can assist in keeping air pathways clear for proper airflow in your home.

Try out the above solutions to increase airflow in your home. If you need any assistance, call Siener Air. Our experts in heating installation, repair and maintenance will be happy to help.

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