HVAC manufacturers and contractors in Covington, LA, offer warranties for their products or services. But what do these HVAC warranties mean for you, and what do they cover?

Understanding HVAC Warranties

Product or equipment warranties come from the HVAC manufacturer. Suppose, for any reason, the part malfunctions or fails to perform as expected after a heating installation. In that case, you can get coverage through the equipment warranty.

You’ll contact HVAC technicians to set up replacement services for the faulty part. They’ll complete an inspection and replace the defective equipment in the heating system. As long as you have warranty coverage, there are little to no costs for any of the services in Covington, LA.

A standard equipment warranty could last up to 10 years, depending on what the manufacturer offered you for the new heater. It’s best to review all warranty instructions to ensure you retain coverage.

What’s a Labor Warranty?

HVAC contractors in Covington, LA, may offer a labor warranty for your new heating system. These warranties often require a service contract with the service provider. The term of a labor warranty varies. You should discuss all terms with the service provider to ensure that you get a fair and reasonable price as well as discounts on heating repairs.

Extending Warranty Coverage

Some manufacturers offer an extended warranty for heating systems. You have to pay a fee for the extended equipment warranty, and the service provider explains all the details.

HVAC warranties protect you against faulty products and sudden mishaps caused by parts and installation issues. Suppose your heating system fails during the warranty term. In that case, you need an HVAC professional to assess your heater and find the source of the problem. Contact us at Siener Air to set up a new heating installation or replacement services today.

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