Sheet metal fabrication is the process of cutting, forming and manipulating materials used as end products in various applications. Perhaps you’ve not thought about sheet metal forming the ductwork that circulates air into and out of your home in Gretna, LA. However, if you’re remodeling or building your home and considering the installation of an HVAC system, you might want to know more about the sheet metal that goes into it. Read on to learn more.


Sheet metal is lightweight, meaning it’s easier to transport from one place to another. Similarly, its low weight makes it easier to handle and work with.

For instance, the manufacturer can easily stretch, cut or bend the metal sheets into any shape. This flexibility allows fabricators to provide customers with specialized designs and customized solutions, which can be very useful in the installation of HVAC systems. This makes metal sheet fabrication an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.


Sheet metal is one of the most durable materials known. It can last for several years without any damage. As a result, it’s the best option for high traffic areas, extreme temperatures and harsh agricultural environments.


Another significant importance of sheet metal is its increased useful life. This means it’s possible to customize the sheet metal to meet your particular requirements.

Customized metal incorporates alloy-made sheets that are resistant to the temperatures and chemicals. Ideally, customization would prolong the life of the sheet metal.

Highly Compatible

Finally, sheet metal forms are highly compatible with your components. You can use them for particular standardized parts like housing for hard disks. Customizing these sheets’ size and shape allows for easy compatibility with a wide range of hardware.

Call Siener Air today for all your HVAC repair and maintenance needs in Gretna, LA. Our qualified technicians have the necessary knowledge in sheet metal fabrication to help deliver services that meet your particular needs.

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