Water leakage could be one of the most concerning problems you can experience with your ductless system. Here are some possible reasons your ductless system in Chalmette, LA, leaks water:

Faulty Condensate Drain Line

When your air conditioning system cools the air, it produces condensation that the condensate drain line drains. However, if the line clogs due to dust, dirt or biological growth, the water can’t escape and will start to back up, resulting in a leak. Regular HVAC maintenance can prevent such blockages and subsequent leaks.

Defective Drain Pan

The drain pan collects the condensation produced during the cooling process. A cracked or corroded drain pan won’t be able to hold the water as expected and will lead to leaks. Water will spill out of the pan, which can then cause water damage to your walls, flooring, furniture and other possessions.

Refrigerant Leak

If the refrigerant level drops, the system’s evaporator coil can freeze over. When the coil defrosts, the excess water may overflow the drain pan, causing a leak. The refrigerant level could drop due to a leak in the system or an improper recharge.

Improper Defrost Setting

In cold weather, the defrost cycle should melt any ice build-up on the outdoor unit. If the setting is incorrect, the ice may not melt completely, and when it does, it may result in excessive water that the system can’t handle, leading to leaks. Ensuring the correct defrost cycle setting based on your climate can prevent such issues.

Always use professionals to install and maintain your ductless system to reduce the chances of leaks. Contact Siener Air if you need ductless AC installation or repair services. We specialize in working with ductless HVAC systems and can help you install, repair or maintain yours for optimal performance.

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