A heating system that blows cold air makes staying indoors uncomfortable. Here are a few reasons your furnace in New Orleans, LA, might not be working correctly:

Thermostat Issues

Your furnace could fail to provide heat due to a simple issue, such as forgetting to set the thermostat to heating mode. Also, you may have your fan set to “ON” instead of “AUTO.”

If you use the “ON” setting, your fan runs even when your furnace isn’t heating your home. Therefore, your fan will circulate cold air. On the other hand, the “AUTO” setting initiates the fan only when your furnace is heating your home.

Interference in the communication between your thermostat and furnace may also cause your system to fail to heat your home. Usually, when you key in your temperature requirements on the thermostat, the device signals the burner and blower to turn on.

Damage to the wires connecting your thermostat and heating system may cause the burner to fail to turn on. Therefore, the blower continues distributing cold air.

Blocked Air Filter

If contaminants enter your furnace, they may clog its parts and interfere with its efficiency. An air filter blocks these particles and prevents them from entering your heating system. With time, the pollutants collect on the air filter in large quantities, restricting airflow.

Consequently, your furnace starts overheating. To reduce the risk of a fire outbreak, the furnace triggers a safety feature that turns the heating cycle off and blows air over the parts to cool them. Therefore, only cold air will come out of your vents.

Gas Line Issues

Your furnace may not be able to heat your home if there’s an insufficient gas supply to the burners. First, confirm whether the gas valve is on to ensure your system is receiving an adequate gas supply.

Also, look out for a rotten egg smell to know whether there’s a gas leakage. A professional can help to repair gas line problems.

Our technicians will discover why your system is blowing cold air and address the problematic issues. Contact Siener Air for quality heating services this winter season.

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