Your thermostat’s placement is more important than you might think. Its position in your Mandeville, LA, home greatly impacts the accuracy and efficiency of your HVAC system. Read on to learn about areas where you should avoid placing your smart thermostat.

Right Above or Below Heating and Cooling Vents

One primary function of a smart thermostat is to detect the temperature in a room and determine whether to turn on the heating or air conditioning. The sensor can detect temperatures incorrectly if it’s too close to a vent, unnecessarily causing it to switch on the system.

Near Windows or Doors

Doors and windows can affect how a thermostat works. Because the temperature naturally differs around entrance points, your thermostat could force your system to short-cycle because it cannot detect the temperature indoors. By keeping your smart thermostat away from windows, you can also prevent it from being in direct sunlight.

Around Electronics

While installing a thermostat, you should be conscious of more than just natural heat. A thermostat next to or behind your TV might encounter problems because electronics also generate heat. Lights are another major source of indoor heat output, so avoid plugging them in near your smart thermostat.

In Your Kitchen

One of the warmest spaces in your house is the kitchen. The temperature in your kitchen is typically several degrees warmer than the rest of your house because of cooking and using large appliances. While the kitchen might be a convenient place to set your thermostat, it doesn’t always reflect the actual temperature of your home.

Finding the sweet spot for your smart thermostat might be tough. Our team of professionals will be happy to make sure your smart thermostat is in the right spot. For help with installing your thermostat in Mandeville, LA, get in touch with Siener Air.

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